About Us

Eerie Street Productions


Eerie Street Productions, LLC. is a broad-based entertainment company founded by Melonie Gartner and James Lawrence in 2018 to create and produce commercially-viable, high quality suspense thrillers and horror films. Its first feature, Shadows, combines both genres. Its future projects may include developing TV pilots, short films, music videos, as well as host suspense and horror film festivals.

Melonie Gartner and James Lawrence, both making their own films independently, found a common interest and inspiration in Alfred Hitchcock films, which led to their teaming up to create Eerie Street Productions with a singular goal to produce eerie, suspenseful psychological thrillers that are strong on character and story as well as visually stunning. 

Melonie Gartner


Melonie Gartner (Executive Producer/Director) was born in Saigon and raised in Chicago.  While living in Seattle in 2007, Gartner wrote her first short, originally titled Breathing Underwater, which later became the award winning short film, Two Rivers, after moving to the city in Wisconsin that shared its name. The idea for the script came about when she wanted to make a thriller, inspired by her filmmaker hero, Alfred Hitchcock. The film was followed by its prequel, Where the Great Spirits Live, which has garnered her 2 awards for best female director. Gartner has continued to stay busy with filmmaking  and is currently involved with several projects which cover directing, acting, and writing.  

James Lawrence


James R. Lawrence (Executive Producer/Writer) was born and raised in Greenville, Wisconsin, where he began writing at the ripe age of 10. Lawrence most recently won an award for Best Original Screenplay for his romantic comedy, “Boy Minus Girl” at the Weyauwega International Film Festival. He also won Best Short Film Script for “David’s First Date” at the Richmond International Film Fest. His first two scripts, “Charlie’s Place” and “The Switchman” also were official selections in numerous film festivals. His love of Alfred Hitchcock films has inspired a number of scripts, including Shadows, which he hopes is the first in a series of suspense-thrillers.